To whom it may concern!

My name is Christoph, I am 50 years of age and live in Germany. My deep compassion for poor and starving people in Africa began very early. I was about four or five years old when I was sitting with my mother at the breakfast table. My glance fell on the back page of the newspaper she was reading. There I saw the image of a poor starving girl, somewhere in Africa. With great astonishment, and with the naivete of a child, I looked at my mother and asked her: “Why I am myself and not that poor girl?”

How could it be that I grow up in a beautiful house where we always have food on the table while there are starving children in the world. I do not know exactly what her answer was, but this is just to show how I've always had a very big heart for poor and starving people my entire life.

About 40 years later, I began to meet people from Africa through the Facebook.

Among them, Mayea Gaye, a widow and refugee from Liberia, who left her country after the civil war, which had begun there in 1989. This is the place to stay!

She talked to me about her vision of founding a human rights organization to help the many poor, refugees, widows and orphans in Africa. What impressed me the most was their passion to help other people who, like her, have lost their homes and now live in a very dirty refugee camp under very difficult living conditions.

After many talks, we realized that a lot of people needed help to meet their short-term needs for food and medicine, but this is like a drop of water on a hot stone; It helps for a moment, but then, after a while, they are back in need, and need more help.

We then talked about the old wisdom:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teaching a man to fish and you feed him for his life.

We agreed that in order to help poor people in Africa in the long term, they need education, not only academically, but above all education of the heart, mind and soul, to enable them to believe in themselves, and their own Ability to create positive change rather than just depend on the help of others.

At that time, I still lived in San Francisco and was the lucky beneficiary of an inheritance. For this reason, I was able to send her the necessary funds, about $ 1500, which allowed her to run a small business at the refugee camp, to sell clean drinking water. With the turnover of this company she could support herself, her daughter, and 2 other people.

Since that time, I have met many more people from all over Africa, especially Ghana, as well as others in Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and some other African countries. Most of them are extremely poor, but among them are those who run their own organizations and orphanages.

After meeting more and more needy people from Africa, I developed the idea of ​​HEARTHS, short for "HElping African Refugees To Help themselves.”

Through Facebook, I communicate daily with our members to encourage them with love and care, to work with other members, and to undertake small projects to demonstrate their personal commitment.

While it is a good idea to inspire people online through regular conversations, it is not enough. I then became aware it is also important to organize group meetings suburban in Ghana.

This is easier said than done, because life for a poor African is a daily struggle for survival and the search for food, so most of them are more selfish and do not even want to learn something new.

To motivate our members to participate in the meetings, I began to work with some of the most prominent people from the group. With their help, and with some financial support from me, we initiated group meetings on the camp in Ghana where food and drinks were offered, while an educated person from their community talked about the rather revolutionary idea that, although people are poor and uneducated they have the power to create positive changes by working together and helping each other.

Finding reliable and trustworthy leaders was not so easy as Africa is an extremely corrupt country, and most people are mainly looking for their own personal advantage. I am therefore very pleased to have found four people who are now part of the HEARTHS team in Ghana. These four are very trustworthy, reliable and committed to the work of HEARTHS.

Here are heir names and contact information:

Romeo Ciapha Kai (+233 57 205 5676, [email protected]),

Lemuel Taylor, (+233 24 535 8421, [email protected]),

George Togbah, (+233 24 024 3040, prudentj2001 @ yahoo .com) and

Micah Younpoweh (+233 24 024 3040, [email protected])

I am almost in daily contact with them, and they also work with our members, support them with personal problems, help them understand the purpose of HEARTHS, and also organize projects and workshops at the refugee camp in Buduburam, Ghana.

Therefore, HEARTHS is also a school where poor people in Africa can be inspired, not only to seek help from others, but to recognize how they can help themselves and each other.

This is a very self-empowering and also quite revolutionary idea, which is deeply valued by the majority of our members, but our biggest problem lies in the financing of our project. Since I founded HEARTHS in 2013 on Facebook, I am the only one here and there to donate some money to support some projects, such as group meetings at the refugee camp in Ghana, and I also help some of our sick members, but alone cannot achieve much.

So, this is how you can help:

In addition to financial support, we also need things such as educational books and writing materials, well-functioning mobile phones, as well as a laptop to document the situation of our members and the progress of our group. We would also like to hire a community space at the refugee camp in Ghana as a central meeting place for the group, for regular workshops, as a counseling center for many of the traumatized youths, as well as a place to run a business to fund the various projects and activities of the group.

It is also my wish to work with other philanthropists and organizations that can help us develop a strong organizational structure. One of our major challenges, in addition to the lack of funding, is that we are not yet officially registered. Lemuel Taylor, the director and coordinator of HEARTHS in Ghana, wants to return to Liberia towards the end of February and register the group there. He has already compiled some of the necessary documents, but it is also important to register HEARTHS in non-African countries, for example in Germany, but perhaps also in the USA, where I have lived for a long time and also have many contacts there.

I myself am only a person with a very big heart, but a very limited income, and I also lack the practical knowledge to register such an organization here. Therefore, I would be very pleased to find a team of like-minded, dedicated and heart-loving people who have the necessary knowledge and can support us in this respect, become an official registered relief organization that can help many of the poor and needy people in Africa, To help oneself.

It would also be great if we could join an existing organization that is already doing humanitarian work in Africa, or it can help us by volunteering to Ghana or other African countries where HEARTHS exists to support our members there .

For more information, please visit our website at, 

our blog at, as well as our Facebook group at

I thank you for your time and interest, and we would be very grateful for your support.

With heartfelt greetings,

Christoph Ebert

Founder of HEARTHS

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06135 9338120 h

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