Lemuel Taylor 

+233 24 535 8421   

[email protected] 

Director and Coordinator

George Togbah

+ 233 24 945 3721 

While we have the vision, skills and dedication to improve the life of many refugees and other poor people in Africa, we are faced with challenges in regards to funding. We are therefore appealing to other humanitarians, private philanthropists, organizations and businesses to support our mission so we can effectively help African refugees and other poor people in Africa to help themselves.

As a sponsor, you will receive regular information, emails, updates, pictures and videos to document the progress of all activities in Africa. You also will get names, email addresses and contact information of our members, leaders and coordinators who are actively involved with the group.

You will also be able to be in direct contact with our members through facebook and email. 

Aside  from  your genereous financial contributions, HEARTHS is also in need of laptop computers, cell phones and digital cameras, as well as clothing, medicine, desinfectants and school supplies. 

We thank you kindly for your interest and greatly appreciate your support.

With heartfelt greetings from Germany,