To help us, so we can help african refugees and poor people help themselves, we are  appealing to other humanitarians, private philanthropists, organizations and businesses to support our mission.

Here are some of the things you can do to help:

  • ° Volunteer your time and energy to help HEARTHS  increase its activities, and social network presence, help with writing project proposals, fundraising. and networking.

  • ° Join our group on facebook to meet some of our members directly, and teach an online class on a variety of subjects, such as effective communication, mathematics and english, how to develop skills and virtues, to empower, inspire and motivate our members, and to share kindness, love and hope.

  • ° Start a material drive to collect school supplies like pens, writing paper, text books, calculators, used cell phones, cameras, laptops,  clothing, medicine and desinfectants. 

  • ° Start a cause to help raise funds for HEARTHS. 

  • ° Suggest HEARTHS to other organizations and individuals who could also support our work. Spread the word about HEARTHS and our work with your friends, family and network by

posting our cause to your website, social media site, and as an email signature.

HEARTHS also likes to help people in africa lean how to help themselves by getting involved with agriculural activties, and to develop successful farming practices. Many of our members own land which can be developed, but for this our members need to become knowledgeable on how to develop such farms, which is the idea behind the school of HEARTHS, for people to gain the nececssary knowlege and skills to become successful farmers,

HEARTHS also likes to get into micro financing, to support our many projects.

It would be also great if we could join an existing organization which can help us by sending volunteers to Ghana, Liberia or other african countries where HEARTHS is active, and who can support, guide, educate and empower our members and help develop a strong organizational structure. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank for your interest in HEARTHS, and we  appreciate you supporting us in our mission to HElp African Refugees in Africa THelp themSelves.

Christoph Ebert

Founder of HEARTHS (Germany)

01717 516773

[email protected]