Many people in Africa are extremely poor and are suffering greatly. Because of that, most all of them are seeking help from others, which is understandable, considering their desolate living conditions.

They face daily challenges, and struggle to survive due to extreme poverty, hunger, a lack of education, adequate housing and, unsanetary living conditions and the resulting treat of many diseases like malaria and ebola.

Giving money to help them is of course desired, and much appreciated, but since there are so many poor and needy people in Africa, and their short term needs never really end, helping them with money is like putting a drop of water on a hot stone.

It is therefore the conviction of HEARTHS, that the only long term solution to help refugees and poor people in Africa, is by creating opportunities so they can begin to support themselves, which is only possible through the establishment of small businesses. 

HEARTHS likes to get involved with the following projects:

1. The establishment of a school, an online school through facebook or skype, in combination with pyhysical meetings on the refugee camp in Ghana and all across Africa, so our members can learn practical skills of how they can help themselves. For physical workshops/ dinners in Ghana and other part of Africa,   we will invite one prominent teacher or speaker from the community during every meeting,  to have him/her speak to the group based on selected topics like personal hygiene, basic healthcare, the significance of trust,  honesty, teamwork, time management, project development and leadership skills.

Workshop Objectives

° Promote Oneness and Unity: Meeting regularly as a group in itself energizes and boost the spirit of togetherness and make one to care and create love for one another as a group.

° Promote better understanding of the group vision and help every members to keep abreast of the day-to-day activity of the group project and progress and issue(s) relating to the growth and aim for which the group was formed.

° Provide Member with at least one meal per day. This will encourage members, who otherwise would be  roaming the streets in search for work, food or entertainment to attend the meeting where they get fed while at the same time receiving some very necessary education and motivation.

Workshop budget for around 20 people

Food     --- ---------------Ghc 200.00 ($50)

Drinks -----------------   Ghc 150.00 ($37.50)

Learning Materials----- Ghc   60.00 ($15)

Renting place -----------Ghc. 40.00 ($10)

Total  ---------------------Ghc 480.00 ($120)

2. We need to rent an office space for regular meetings and workshops, but also as a counseling center for many of the troubled youth, and to run a business to support the various projects and activities of HEARTHS. 

Below is a video which Lemuel Taylor from the HEARTHS team took of such a space on the Buduburam Refugee camp in West Africa. The cost to rent this space, with 4 rooms, and inside bath (which is rather rare and important, since most everyone on the camp needs to pay money to even use the toilet) and an outside porch is $2000 for two years

Since that time, Lemuel moved back to Liberia, where he helped register the group. He was also able to find a great space for an office, which is actually made available to use free of rent, but it needs some renovation, which adds up to about $1000. 

Below are some pictures of that space, showing some of the renovations already taking place :

3. The establishment of simple businesses

The investment of such businesses range from appoximately $300 to around $2000, but with the income of those businesses individuals, families, and even small communities can support themselves.

The needs of poor people all across Africa are very basic:


Many people are starving and somtimes go hungry for days, which is especially hard on children and old people. To help them regain their strength, they would like to have at least one good meal a day, which costs only around $3 per person.


Many people are sick and suffer from a variety of different curable diseases Over the years I helped many people who are seriously sick and had to urgently get medical treatment, otherwise they would have died. The costs for this are, depending on the kind of treatment, between $50 and $300.


Many of the children, young teenagers and adults are homeless and have to sleep in the street or in a cafe,  which makes it very hard,  for them to focus on learning and working together as one group. To get them off the streets and provide them with a safe place so they can regain their strength and then focus on working and learning, to rent a small house, big enough for around 3 people to live in costs only around $500-$800 per year.

Many of the young teenagers have almost no education, some can only barely write and read, and many dont even know how to put their thoughts into words. Many of them would like money for school, so they can at least finish highschool, or to go to college and get a higher education. The cost to send a child to highschool is around $500 per year, college around $3000 per year.

The following videos are from a HEARTHS project in Margibi County, Liberia, where we are in the process of  establishing a community based office through which we can implement our objectives, thus, motivating, educating and empowering less privileged people to have a better life. At this meeting we had over 150 locals present, including the town's chief and community leaders.